Top Beer Selections: Domestic, Import, Micro, and Craft from Sherlocks

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East CobbTown Center

Atlanta’s premier beer shops always brings you the top domestic, import, micro and craft beer from around the US and the world.  Sherlock’s educated beer selection staff will gladly assist you whether it’s a local microbrew or craft beer or a national domestic, import, micro or craft beer. We assure you that we can help with the beer selections you are looking for not the beer we want you to purchase. Sherlock’s domestic, import, micro or craft beer inventory is vast, here is a sampling of our top selling beer we carry at select Atlanta locations:

Partial List of Beer Selections

Domestic Beer
Imported Beer
Microbrew & Craft Beer
Miller Fosters Bells
Miller Lite Becks Boulder
Budweiser Corona Avery
Bud Light Guinness Rogue
Coors Harp Victory
Coors Light Heineken Sweetwater
Natural Light Moretti Sierra Nevada
Busch Dos Equis Samuel Adams
Busch Light Molson Red Hook
Michelob Labatt Terrapin
Pabst Blue Ribbon Stella Artois Yuengling
High Life Red Stripe Blue Moon